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Friday, October 24, 2008

More editing pet peeves

More pet peeves, and as I said, could be moot cause my editing days may be over, but still, these things are SO ANNOYING they make me wish I could get my act together and start writing books myself, finally, as I'm meant to be doing, rather than editing and dealing with minutiae. So in addition to all the formatting stuff:

1. Don't ask me if you're story's been accepted until after the time I've given you. I'll let you know (again, the books that aren't turned in yet I have been behind on, but the e-books, I promise to let you know).

2. Don't ask me why I rejected your story. It's not my job nor do I have time to give critiques.

3. Don't resubmit an updated version your story. Every damn time, whether I put it in the guidelines or not, people do this. Think a minute: once I have gone in and made my own changes and edited your story, when you resend it, if I start using your version, then I have to go back and re-edit. If it's something extremely urgent, the only way this would be acceptable is with the edits highlighted in red using track changes.

4. I'm actually rejecting something because the formatting was so bad it would take me ages to reformat - margins are a mess, spacing too. I prefer Word documents, or RTFs. That shouldn't be that hard.

I'm sure I sound bitchy, and again, maybe I'm not meant to be in this business. I'm trying to figure that out. But these things beyond get on my nerves. They do make me ever so grateful for the very professional authors who are always courteous, professional, and well-formatted.

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At October 24, 2008, Anonymous Max Lagos said...

Oops, sorry. :(

At October 24, 2008, Anonymous Amelia G said...

You don't sound bitchy at all. These are like the most basic rules of writing submissions.


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