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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

and so do I

Chicago residents, dig this cookie from the always creative Bleeding Heart Bakery. I heart them. And even though it's already July (July!), Happy Belated Pride everyone.

photo via Flickr

The Bleeding Heart Bakery
1955 W. Belmont ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60657

I was too immersed in my writing crisis this weekend to contemplate being social, let alone social en masse, let alone grapple with the idea of being proud of anything. Pride seemed...overblown. Not applicable.

I got a text around 11 am on Sunday from Sira. He sounded so jubilant and for a second I wished I was at the parade. Then I heard that in SF it was gorgeous and I remembered going there way back in 2001, hanging out with Cara in Dolores Park, bouncing around with Annie in my little skirt and stickers over my nipples, thinking I'd move there. Good times...and happy memories. Things are getting better, bit by bit. I'm not over this writing thing just yet. If it'll have me, I'm in.

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