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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Other LA pics

Rachel Fershleiser, who lives in New York but who I sadly don't get to see very much, and Rockabye author and Girl's Gone Child blogger Rebecca Woolf:

Rachel Fershleiser and Rebecca Woolf

Jackson West, when not reporting on Marissa Mayer's cupcake-filled birthday party, was often smoking: (I now am fully versed in who Google VP Marissa Mayer is)

He makes smoking look sexy

While hanging out at Lark Cake Shop for the Los Angeles Cupcake Meetup with Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood, Clint Catalyst stopped by and stayed to chat.

Clint Catalyst and Amelia G

The Zappos ad in the security bins at LAX made me smile after my little flight freakout:

Zappos invades LAX security



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