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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

LAist on In The Flesh: LA

So much to catch up on - I didn't really get a chance to post about the fabulous outdoor reading Carly Milne set up for In The Flesh: LA. I was so excited to be outdoors I forgo to be as nervous as I usually am. The theme was "survival" and while I'd planned to write something new, I went with what I read at True Sex Confessions. Cue post about my sex life to follow (and I will pay $10 if someone can tell me how to make a damn jump cut in old Blogger)

And for the record, it was Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Here's what Jessica Pauline of LAist wrote:

Petite and voluptuous, with long black hair, glasses and minimal makeup, Bussel read a story about getting finger fucked in an airport while waiting for a plane. Her story touched on the fact that at 32, she was “supposed to be more mature” than that – and by “that” presumably she meant lying with a stranger under a blanket while letting him put his digits up her pussy.

Anyway, the nice thing about seeing Bussel read is that having lived in L.A. for so long, I forget sometimes that our spray-tanned, extended hair, fake-boobies version of sexy is unique to the confines of the plot of land between the 101, the 10 and the PCH.

Bussel’s unassuming and au naturel look had the effect of making her reading – which was very graphic – feel much more intimate. The lack of contrived sexiness worn as some kind of suit of armor rendered her just a normal woman, up there at the mic telling a bunch of strangers about how some dude fingerbanged her and then she jerked him off at Heathrow or Kennedy or Atlanta or wherever the story took place (I was distracted, OK?).

So, I am glad glad glad that this series is up here in L.A. I love this city, but sometimes we could use a fresh perspective on what sexy means.

If you've ever seen me read, you know I get crazy nervous. I prefer behind the screen but it's ultimately worth it. Here's me reading the piece at the last NYC In The Flesh, part 1: (as always, if you like my videos, please rate them)

part 2:



At June 04, 2008, Anonymous Stacie Joy said...

I'd say that's a pretty fair assessment of you and your work, Rachel. You are a natural beauty (in the truest sense of the words) who brings an intelligent intimacy to your In the Flesh readings. In my opinion, your nervousness doesn't show, except when you tell folks you are stressed/scared/nervous, etc.

I've tried to imagine myself reading private naughtiness (fiction or non) aloud in front of an audience and all I see in my mind's eye is the jitters followed by vomiting. *grin* How sexy is THAT?!

We never quite see ourselves as others see us, but I think we can learn from others' opinions and reactions. The LAist writer (I forgot her name) isn't saying anything I haven't seen written about you before, and I concur with her review. I hope you can see what we all see: An amazing and beautiful woman with the ability to weave a (sexy) web with her words and presence.

At June 04, 2008, Anonymous mike in Albany said...

Come fly with me!


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