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Monday, May 26, 2008

What a cupcake blogger does with her long weekend

I've been frantically cleaning (good news: I found my USB cable. bad news: I also bought a card reader that doesn't work with my Mac and a replacement USB cable - am selling the card reader for $20 or best offer), sitting in the sun reading Kathleen Rooney's fascinating memoir about being an artist's model so I can blurb it, and writing. Yes, I was really stuck on the writing for a long while, nothing, and I mean pretty much nothing, was coming out, but I am making headway on all fronts, which feels good.

I also read one of the most inspiring things I've read in a long, long while, by Merlin Mann, one I plan to tape/post on all the places I work, and to carry with me wherever I go. That's how badly I need to hear that message. It's called "Whining, Blue Smoke & the Mechanics of Getting Unstuck," and at the very least, it's stopped me from blogging all the many ways I feel...stuck. I still do, a bit, and realizing I will have to fail some people sometimes, perhaps even often, but I have to count what I do get done, even if it sucks, even if it's small in number, rather than what I don't.

I participated in a spelling bee, wished one of my favorite people in the world a belated happy birthday, ate Malaysian food in Chinatown and caught up on my sleep (I know, exciting, right?). I also interviewed Christian Lander of Stuff White People Like (book's out July 1st) for the August issue of Penthouse.

I'm getting ready to go to LA for In The Flesh: LA on Thursday, Book Expo, and Sunday's LA Cupcake Meetup. (more about all of these later)

I also did some cupcake journalism, and below is part of Unison Fetish's performance art piece about cupcakes. Read more about them at Cupcakes Take the Cake.


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