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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sex and the City and its movie spawn

Obviously there's a lot being said about Sex and the City this week.

Here's a pro-SATC piece by Paige Ferrari at Radar ("Carrie and Co. weren't supposed to be like us or like anyone we actually knew. They were roles women could take on anytime—the slut, the prude, the kooky overfeeling narcissist, the brain.") and Naked City's "Five Things You Can Do to Battle Sex and the City Mania" ("2. Build your fantasies around actual personal achievement and adventure (sexual and otherwise), not wardrobe and housing.") Me? I'll be leaving said city for the city of angels books.

But let's not forget that it also spawned...Liz Tuccillo's about-to-be-released novel (with photos of her, but a novel!) How to Be Single and the move based on the book she co-authored with Greg Behrendt, He's Just Not That Into You.

Trying this:



At May 28, 2008, Anonymous NancyP said...

You are right. The air is filled with Sex and The City buzz.

Wanted to turn you onto a very very cool quiz I found at It tells you for real which SATC girl you are most like. It’s created by a psychologist, Dr. Diana and is right on. I am a Carrie (no surprise!!) Not only does the site have the quiz but you can also sign up for dating tips from Dr. Diana. You will love this.


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