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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Minneapolis so far

More later because I'm off to be interviewed for the Sex is Fun podcast.

My hotel is beyond amazing, which is good because while I've been having a good time here, yesterday was pretty rough emotionally and I had a little freakout (aka huge crying bout) and a huge cozy soft bed is good for that. I've been to Bryant Lake Bowl, Hell's Kitchen, a totally amazing restaurant that makes its own peanut butter, sampled cupcakes from two local bakeries, met a bunch of local bloggers, picked up many copies of with my Q&A with Alexis McKinnis, who also writes a sex column there, (this one's about The Shocker, which has come up shockingly often this trip) did a really fun workshop at Smitten Kitten, which is such a fabulous sex toy store I can't even tell you (tonight I plan to purchase one of the vibrators I was ogling yesterday), then had yummy sushi with Courtney and Emily where we discussed anal sex and the funand trails being a mom (separately) before hanging out at our hotel and making new, gay friends. In a nutshell. I guess I did a lot in less than two days, huh?

Me with Miel y Leche baker Sheela, who makes some totally kickass cupcakes

Photo by Aaron Landry via Flickr.

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At May 04, 2008, Blogger Aaron said...

Great to meet you this weekend!

At May 04, 2008, Blogger Max Sparber said...

It was great fun to meet you as well.


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