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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Get naked for Time Out New York

There was totally a time I would've jumped at the chance to do this, but that time is not now. Instead, I am writing an article on extreme fetishes for them. But if you want to get naked and be ogled by millions of New Yorkers, here's your chance...

Time Out New York wants to feature everyday New Yorkers getting naked in an upcoming issue. If you've ever dreamed of taking it all off in a VERY public way, now's your chance. Aspiring models and Ron Jeremy wanna-bes need not apply: We want the real thing—bankers, zookeepers, MTA workers, you get the gist. Males and females. All races, shapes, sizes and styles welcome. How much you show is negotiable, and details will be sent upon entry. (Rest assured, the photography will be professional and the setup tasteful. Well, as tasteful as you want it to be.) Think you can bring sexy back? E-mail pics of yourself (naked or clothed) to DEADLINE ASAP.


At April 09, 2008, Blogger unspeakable axe said...

Hmmm tempting.


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