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Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Being a mom has turned me into more of a perv" - Raven Snook

"What's It Like Being a Mom Who Does Burlesque?" by Raven Snook, The Frisky

Although I took a little time off (hey, one of the keys to being in burlesque is feeling sexy, and I won’t lie: post-childbirth, it took me a while to feel sexy again!), when my daughter was about six-months-old, I started contacting my old burly-Q buddies to let them know I was ready to get back in the game. They were all very sweet and booked me immediately, but they seemed surprised that I wanted to continue doing burlesque at all.

Audiences seemed to feel the same way. Whenever I mentioned that I had a kid at home, I always heard gasps or nervous giggles. It was as if, as a mom, I wasn’t allowed to do certain things—like have random female audience members lick whip cream off my boobs (I enjoy reliving my liberal arts college lezzie days) or participate in a simulated orgy to “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me” or sing a torch song to my vibrator. (Hey, I never said my act was classy. I know I’m one step down from the strip club den mother in Showgirls.)

If anything, being a mom has turned me into more of a perv, at least on stage. That’s partly because I no longer have the time to be a sexual deviant in real life. After spending all day being “mommy,” it’s a relief to be a foul-mouthed temptress on the boards (and to get paid for it, too!). Post-mommydom, I’ve said things and gone places I never thought I would as an emcee.


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