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Saturday, April 19, 2008

"and we get high/just my mom and me"

No, not my mom (though that possibility could be a story for another day - I don't do drugs and except on very rare occasions, don't drink), but I am absolutely in love with this song by Adira Amram I heard the other day - not sure of the name, but maybe it's called "Mom" - I will have to ask her. If you watch this video below, it's at 3:20 (though obviously should be at 4:20) - you can probably click through faster directly at YouTube. I interviewed Adira in 2006 for Gothamist and have loved watching her perform over the last two years. She's going places, people, in her gorgeous leotards. Feministing sponsored a fabulous lineup of female comics last Monday at Comix as a fundraiser for The Hysterical Festival. See the photo set by Maryanne Ventrice, who kindly let me repost these photos. First of is the wonderful Desiree Burch and Comix PR superstar Kambri Crews, demonstrating that Comix and the Hysterical Festival are BFFS, second is of Ms. Adira.

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