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Thursday, June 21, 2007

There's a whole book about s'mores

Not really sure what to say in response to this book S'Mores except "Wow." Oh, and total food porn. Can a s'mores blog be far behind?

The Chicago Tribune wondered about the market for such a book: Lisa Adams, a s'mores s'maven, hopes to elevate her favorite dessert with 60-plus variations and to "reinvigorate your love affair with this venerable dessert sandwich."

She shows how to make them on the stove top and in the microwave. How to add different ingredients. (Croissants sub for graham crackers in the chocolate-raspberry croissant s'more.) She even has s'mores that don't remotely resemble s'mores, like the Black Forest cupcake s'more (chocolate cupcake, fresh cherries, chocolate chips and marshmallow).

Also learned that:

August 10th is National S'mores Day!
August 30th is National Toasted Marshmellow Day!
The first publication of the "Official S'more Recipe" was in the Girl Scouts newsletter, published by the Girl Scouts in 1927.


At November 18, 2008, Blogger Jussi Koiranen said...

I am considering to buy that book, so there is a market to them and that cover does look delicious.


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