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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sexiest Soles excerpt: "Magic" by Donna George Storey

An excerpt from Sexiest Soles: Erotic Stories About Feet and Shoes from the story "Magic" by Donna George Storey

"Four minutes to go."

"You bastard. You know one of us has to rub my clit if I'm gonna make it in time."

"I certainly won't. And if you do, the foot rub stops."

Images somersaulted through her head, their bodies twisted into odd positions so he could continue to caress her foot while they fucked. That would certainly take his mind off of the silly time limit. She saw him kneeling between her legs, holding her foot to his chest, or her on top as he reached down to glide his thumb over the new hot spot. But somehow she understood it was best this way, her body displayed to his eyes, with one single magic point of contact. For in the end, it took so little—the dance of his thumb on the arch of her left foot—to make her into a sweating, writhing slut who was begging for it. That is what she was, what she'd always been.

His scolding continued, his voice soft and teasing. "Now that I know about you, I'm going to use your little secret against you. We'll be sitting in a nice restaurant, and I'll slip my shoe under yours and lift it up, and I'll reach under the table and take your foot. You'll know what I'm going to do, but you'll be powerless to stop me. I'll slip off your shoe and the soft flesh will be moist and swollen and ready. Then I'll start rubbing you through your pantyhose. Slowly at first. But that will be enough to make your cheeks pink and your breath come fast. You'll try to hide it, to keep talking about what's new with the cousins or the Ryder account, but I'll feel your leg trembling, and I'll see the sex rash rising on your neck, and we'll both know you're going to come from what I'm doing to you. You're going to have a big, bad orgasm right in the middle of the restaurant. Or will you chicken out and run to the ladies' room to masturbate in the stall?"

She was clenching her buttocks now and pointing her left toe, then flexing it, pushing herself higher. "No, no, I'll stay," she babbled. "I'll let you do it to me there in the middle of the restaurant."


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