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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sex Out Loud podcast, erotica writing interview & my career essay at Lady Smut

Here are some links to what I've been up to as I get ready to head off to a week of vacation in New England.

On Friday night, I appeared on Tristan Taormino's podcast Sex Out Loud, where she interviewed me about editing the Best Women's Erotica of the Year series, including why I want 500 submissions to Volume 3 (here's the call for submissions). Even more exciting for me was that we got to hear contributors Rose Caraway, Amy Butcher, Tara Betts and Lazuli Jones read from their sexy stories as well! Click the link above or the image below to listen (and please know it's not safe for work!).


The wonderful erotica author Emmanuelle de Maupassant interviewed me all about my erotica writing and editing career. Here's a snippet of what I said:
I’m interested in exploring aspects of sexuality and attraction largely ignored by pop culture: specifically bisexuality, polyamory, promiscuity, men and women with larger bodies and body image, male submissives, fetishes, or affairs. I don’t sit down to intentionally humanize and eroticize fat people (and those who love and are attracted to fat people) or male submissives and so on; it’s a by-product of the types of characters I tend to write.
Lastly, over at Lady Smut, I wrote about how that career evolved from my law school days as part of second chance week, inspired by the brand new (out today!) very hot erotic romance Perfect by Elizabeth SaFleur, which you can learn more about on her site.


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