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Monday, October 19, 2015

My next LitReactor online erotica writing class is filling up - sign up by November 2!

I'm gearing up for my next LitReactor Between the Sheets online erotica writing workshop, which runs November 3-December 3. You have until November 2 or until it sells out to sign up. The class is limited to 16 people and there are 11 slots left as of this posting.


I wanted to share some more information about the class, in addition to what's on their site, because it can be confusing and I want anyone who signs up to be ready to devote their time and energy to it in order to get the most for their money. Also, you choose your username upon joining LitReactor and can be anonymous. You can take the class from anywhere in the world on your schedule; I've had students from various countries take my four previous sold out classes.

How it works is that there's a weekly written lecture, which you can read at your leisure. I also post a weekly writing assignment and you have 4-5 days to complete it, then 2-3 days to critique 3 of your fellow students' work and get critiques from them. I critique everyone's work as well. I estimate that the writing and critiques will take about 5 hours per week; if you don't have 5 hours a week to devote to this class, I would advise waiting until a time when you do.

Additionally, I post almost every day with further information that's optional reading, including Q&As with over a dozen erotica writing professionals, including authors Victoria Blisse, Rose Caraway, Emerald, Feminista Jones, Selena Kitt, Sommer Marsden, Tiffany Reisz, Elizabeth SaFleur, Charlotte Stein, Cecilia Tan, Rebekah Weatherspoon and others. I also provide exclusive details from publishers and editors on what they're looking for. All of the classroom materials, including all postings, will be available to you forever.

Anyone can start a discussion or ask a question publicly on the message boards, or privately to me, about anything related to erotica writing or publishing. Additionally, after class ends on December 3rd, if you are interested, I will invite you to join a private online group for my erotica writing class alumni to continue the discussions and questions and chat in a similar way with other erotica writers. I put a major emphasis on submitting your work if you are interested in doing so, and provide resources and support to get you knowledgeable about the erotica marketplace and ready to send out completed writing.

Read what past LitReactor students have said about the class and "6 reasons I encourage my erotica writing students to submit their work."

Questions? Email rachelkb at with "LitReactor" in the subject.

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