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Thursday, March 05, 2015

States where I'm sending free copies of Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica

Firstly, Happy Erotic World Book Day! I hope you're celebrating in a fun way.


I celebrated by wisely changing my Houston flight to tomorrow, after coming to my senses after my momentary morning optimism, shoveling snow, getting a copy of The New York Times in print that quotes me about taxicab hookups and addressing envelopes to people in the following states: Iowa, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, California, Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Utah, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, Michigan.

Why? I'm sending them free books (I love the sound of those words together!) as part of my promotional campaign for a book I'm madly in love with, Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, which ships to me from the printer any day now. Want one before it's in stores to review on Amazon? Directions are below.

1. By March 15, 2015, email sextoyantho at with "Amazon" in the subject line AND your name, U.S. mailing address and URL of a previous review, which will look like this: Click on your review's title and then copy and paste the URL for it. If you can't do this, you can send the URL of your Amazon profile which has a link to your review(s).

2. I will reply to everyone, either confirming you are one of the first 100, or letting you know that you're not (and I will update this post once the 100 have been spoken for).

3. For the first 100, once you receive your book, please post an honest review on by May 31st.

4. That's it! Some other ways to follow and support the book: @comeagainbook on Twitter, our Facebook page and Tumblr. Come Again is also on Goodreads, where you can mark that you want to read it (thank you!) and rate it.

To read the introduction and table of contents, go to the book's Tumblr.

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