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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sex toy store mini tour photos

I've had a wonderful time at all my events in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC! Here are a few photos, and I hope to return to the area in the next year. Thank you to Sugar, Lotus Blooms and Secret Pleasures for having me! These stores are the first places aside from Barnes & Noble where I've seen The Big Book of Submission in the flesh and the first time I got to sign copies for people buying them. All three stores were wonderful and I'm honored I got the chance to work with them and explore new neighborhoods. Plus, I generally have no idea how my books are doing and am biting my nails waiting to find out, so getting to talk to store owners about it is wonderful and helps guide what I will work on next, since it only makes sense to work on books that readers are interested in reading.

Sugar, Baltimore, Maryland

Selfie at Sugar in Baltimore
I loved this display and am glad I took this selfie because I forgot to take another photo later

Sugar in Baltimore
My favorite book of mine, The Big Book of Orgasms, gets a fitting display next to some vibrators

snapped near Sugar:


Lotus Blooms, Alexandria, Virginia- I hadn't done a reading in a very long time and it was wonderful to meet and reconnect with these authors.

Lotus Blooms reading, Alexandria, Virginia
Front row: Me, Tess Danesi, Michelle Augello-Page; second row: Emerald and Kristina Wright

Lotus Blooms, Alexandria, Virginia

Lotus Blooms, Alexandria, Virginia

Lotus Blooms, Alexandria, Virginia

Secret Pleasures, Washington, DC

Secret Pleasures, Washington, DC
I was intrigued by these gold accented toys

Secret Pleasures, Washington, DC

I'm famous at Secret Pleasures in Washington, DC
Secret Pleasures put me on their wall next to Buck Angel and Partners in Passion authors Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson

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