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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Exciting news: San Francisco reading and Publishers Weekly review of The Big Book of Orgasms

I'm very excited to share the news that I'll be heading to San Francisco for a reading from The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories, featuring me and 8 other contributors (and possibly a few more), many of whom are reading for the first time. If you're not in San Francisco but know someone who is who'd like a night of free orgasmic erotica read to them, please pass this on. The official details are on Facebook as well as below.

November 6, 6:30 pm, free
The Big Book of Orgasms reading in San Francisco
The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories (Cleis Press) is editor Rachel Kramer Bussel's latest and greatest erotica anthology. This climactic collection of pansexual short shorts are perfect for bedtime reading to a lover or on your own. Whether getting off from exhibitionism, voyeurism, hot wax, dirty talk or a very special pair of blue jeans, the characters in The Big Book of Orgasms go all out for the Big O. From vanilla to kinky, and everything in between, there's something for all erotic readers here. At this special reading, Bussel will be joined by contributors Lily K. Cho, Malin James, Crystal Jordan, Sinclair Sexsmith, Donna George Storey, B.D. Swain, Virgie Tovar, Jade A. Waters and Xan West for an evening of steamy stories that's sure to leave you hot and bothered.
Good Vibrations, 1620 Polk Street (at Sacramento Street), San Francisco, 415-345-0400

I didn't want to look too dorky, but my smile should stretch all the way across my face to encapsulate how excited I am about this book!

I also had a "pinch me" moment when I saw that Publishers Weekly gave The Big Book of Orgasms such a glowing review (I'm cutting and pasting but the authors' names should be Cecilia Tan and Jade A. Waters):
Erotic editor Bussel (Baby Got Back) proves less is more in this collection of nibble-size erotic stories that are just long enough to fuel the imagination. There is something for every mood—funny, kinky, touching, spontaneous, and even vengeful. In Thomas S. Roche’s “How You Christen a Bed,” the surprising delight is in the woman’s postorgasmic statement. Celicia Tan’s “Her Lover Is a Flame” and Bussel’s own “I’m on Fire” give a new meaning to hot sex. Riley Shane’s “Feast for the Senses” entertains with sensory pleasure. Evoë Thorne’s lovely “Squirt” illustrates how longtime partners avoid lesbian bed death. An unused toy comes to life with a proper lover in Jade A. Wata’s “The Flogger.” Everyone will find something to appreciate here, and all the stories are easy to read as they titillate and entertain. (Nov.)
We are off to a brilliant start and any day now the book should be in stock online! Thank you so much - I believe so strongly in this book and am looking into more events, online and off, and am handing out postcards and talking it up everywhere I go. This is not just "the big book" of orgasms but my big book, one I feel good about staking my career on. I think it's also one of the biggest bargains around: at $12.12 from Amazon, that works out to just under 18 cents a story! Follow us @BigBookofOrgasm on Twitter and read excerpts (all of them are coming soon!) on Tumblr.

Bonus photo from last night. L to R: Nicole Audrey Spector, Kim Triedman, Vica Miller, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Liesl Schillinger. I highly recommend signing up for Vica Miller Literary Salons - they rock and are free!).

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