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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free audio erotica and major gratitude to the most excellent Rose Caraway

I'm feeling very lucky these days. Why? Because Rose Caraway is not only a narrator extraordinaire, but I have much to learn from her about how to self promote in a way that gets results! She has been posting away free audio excerpts from the Audible audiobook version of Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex - follow her @RoseCaraway on Twitter to keep up. And check out these great images she made! I love that. I also love that you can listen to "Laugh" by Sommer Marsden free. There may not be a free lunch but there is free audio erotica! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rose, and thank you, Audible, for widening the audience for my books. It still feels pretty amazing to get checks in the mail from them through their Author Services program (it's free money and if your books are on Audible, you should sign up) for doing absolutely nothing, but then I remember that my job is to write and edit erotica, and that is what I'm focused on (speaking of which, there's been extremely few submissions for my 2 open anthologies, which means these books are wide open as of now!). Anyway, I feel blessed and lucky and grateful, and am working on deserving that by getting back to writing, fiction and nonfiction, in a way I haven't in longer than I can remember. If I succeed, I'll post about anything available to be read. If I fail, I will keep on trying. That's the way this wacky business goes, right?

my books are in great company!

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