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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My oral sex and Prince Albert genital piercing story "New Additions" in Going Down

My story "New Additions" is my contribution to my about-to-be-published (like any day) anthology Going Down: Oral Sex Stories. It's not true, but it is inspired by a long-ago night at a Brooklyn bar that I think no longer exists, and a certain piercing. Here's a sneak peek:
New Additions
Rachel Kramer Bussel

“You have to see Derek’s cock,” Rosie whispered into my ear as soon as I sat down next to her in the booth at our local bar. He was up at the bar, and I checked out his faded jeans, the frayed denim showing off what I knew was his firm ass from afternoons around their apartment building’s communal pool.

I’d never seen it in person, but I’d heard all about it and seen a photo of it in one of Rosie’s overeager moments. They are a model couple, and her regaling me with their sexual exploits keeps my workaholic life interesting when I have the occasional dry spell. “What do you mean?” I whispered back, smiling as she placed her hand on my knee. We have a touchy-feely friendship, one that sometimes is a little more on the touchy side. Sometimes we’re best friends who can never get enough gossip, and sometimes we’re so hot for each other that she banishes Derek from the bedroom and we toss each other around and go to town. We’ve danced around the idea of having a threesome, but so far it’s only been talk. “Go ask him. Tell him I said to show it to you.” She raised her finely penciled-in brown eyebrows, as if daring me. I grinned back at her, because I can never resist a dare, which is how the two of us have done things like skinny-dip in multiple hotel pools, upload topless photos of each other to various websites and, once, snorted lines of coke off a B-list celebrity’s cock. It’s not that I’m normally so buttoned-up, but being around her makes me feel like we’re facing our very last day on earth and not living it to its fullest would be a crime. She’s her own kind of drug, and I know when I go out with her there’s no point in saying no. I could, of course, and she’d accept my limits, but when I get together with Rosie, I know that I don’t want to have any limits.

So I stood up, my sheer gray tank top not doing much to disguise my white bra strap. My heels were my true concession to fashion, and my skintight jeans pressing against my pussy made it feel as if I wasn’t wearing panties. The denim sliding against my wet lips made the few steps more fun than they should have been. I sauntered up to the bar just as the bartender poured three glowing blue beverages into martini glasses. “I vant to see your cock,” I said in a poor mockery of a Dracula German accent.

“You want to suck my cock?” he asked, turning around and beaming heat right at me. There’s been a spark between Derek and me since he and Rosie started dating, one we’ve never deliberately discussed, preferring instead to let its glow fuel our separate endeavors. “I don’t know,” I said, letting my voice go soft and sex kitten. “I was just told I’m supposed to see it. What’d you do to it?”

“She didn’t tell you, huh?” he asked, tossing bills onto the bar before raising one of the glasses and bringing it to my lips. His blue eyes, framed by lush, elegant supermodel-worthy lashes, were on me, as I parted my lips and let him pour some of the liquid down my throat.

“I guess not.” I waited for him to share his secret, but he just kept pouring, and I had to swallow in a certain way so as not to let the blue dribble down my throat.

“Shall we?” he asked, grabbing my hand and leading me toward the unisex bathroom. This bar specialized in drinks that start at fifteen dollars, in red-velvet-lined banquettes that were easy to cozy up against.

I took a peek back at Rosie, who smiled at me as I entered the bathroom with Derek. This was something new for all of us, and if they were willing to go with it, so was I.

Read the whole thing in Going Down: Oral Sex Stories.It'll be out this month and you can pre-order it at: Amazon

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