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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Free erotic writing tips Friday the 13th in Berkeley and other West Coast tour dates

I leave tomorrow night for Portland for my how-many-events-can-I-do-in-one-month-without-exploding-last-hurrah book tour! Yes, it's my last book tour, unless I win the lottery or something equally improbable. I am excited about it, but also excited to return home and spend quality time with my boyfriend and my laptop, without the pressures travel and hoping people will show up and forgetting major Jewish holidays provides (yes, I forgot that Passover lands smack during my book tour and I am too selfish and gluttonous to give up things like Sweet Iron Waffles). I'm extremely proud of Best Sex Writing 2012 and beyond honored to be doing events with guest judge Susie Bright, which is why I'm doing this, but I'm also realizing that how I prefer to live my life is as a writer, not a performer. That's probably one of many things I'm not supposed to admit, but I hate feeling like I shouldn't say something. I will also be sporting a brand new tattoo from New Rose Tattoo!

I'm instructing my assistant and anyone I know to stop me before I go insane again. I will be bringing cupcakes and fishnets and amazing authors to Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Berkeley and, on April 25th, New York City. Here's the Berkeley details; awesome to read in my former home. Looking forward to seeing many of you and if you can't make it but know someone in those cities, please let them know. Details on my website.

April 13, 7 pm

Join Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of over 40 anthologies, including Irresistible, Curvy Girls, Women in Lust, and Orgasmic, and local author Donna George Storey (Amorous Woman) for a free talk about how to break into erotic writing, writing prompts and how they each launched their careers in the field. Q&A and book signing to follow. Free cupcakes. Free admission.
Good Vibrations, 2504 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA, 94702, 510-841-8987

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