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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I know I should probably care more that my website is temporarily down, but I don't

Just a heads up, domain transfer is taking a few days, but soon will be back, I hope. And if not, you know what? I have a lot more important things to worry about. I almost smashed my iPhone the other day on an endless phone call with my provider, which involved sentences like: "Well, you're registered with X site." "But X site says I'm registered with you." "Oh." In the lecture that would now be fair to categorize as last night's, Gabby Bernstein said to focus on the content, not the frame. If ever that maxim were to apply to my life, it would be over a stupid website. It'll be back, I hope, but I really do have much bigger fish to fry. And a part of me would love to vacate the internet for a day, a week, a month, um, forever? Not entirely, but it is also a little fantasy, except for my cupcake world. Working to get rid of my shame since I, um, didn't have it surgically removed, ahem, is about following one of The Happiness Project author Gretchen Rubin's rules that I can't look up right now or I might miss my flight, but it's basically the rule that what makes other people happy doesn't have to make you happy. So yeah, it's out of my hands, which is a good thing cause they are extremely untechnical hands, and I don't care that I'm flying to SXSW after I type this sentence. I am good at plenty of things, and am not going to try to learn about things that don't interest me whatsoever. I think it might even be amusing if I lost the domain, probably something else I shouldn't say, but I'm good at that, aren't I?


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