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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interviews with me at Street Boners and Oysters & Chocolate

Two new interviews with me:

"WTF Does an Erotica Writer Do All Day?" at Street Boners with a gigantic version of the cover of Best Bondage Erotica 2011 (which you can also read at Luke O'Neil's blog put that shit on the list)


You’ve written for a pretty lengthy list of publications. Is it hard to switch between your sexy hat and your normal journalist hat? Ever accidentally slip in an orgasm metaphor where one doesn’t belong?

I think I navigate fiction and nonfiction pretty easily, that’s the biggest switch. I fight hard not to be relegated only to writing about sex, because I have plenty of other interests. I think the biggest challenge for me when I’m writing fiction is to not personalize it too much, and lately I’ve been trying to write characters who are very different from me, like a transgender man into erotic boxing in “Punching Bag.” There is always a little bit of myself in my stories though, even if it’s about, say, a gay couple competing in a “Sexathon.” It’s not that I’ve actually done that, but in some buried corner of my fantasies, it sounds fun, and in fiction I get to “be” all those people doing all those wild things.

Talking about my story "Blow Me" in Nice Girls, Naughty Sex at Oysters & Chocolate


What makes the character(s) in your story nice but naughty?

Well, this is a story where there’s no actual sex in it, just a very wicked fantasy, so I think that qualifies as “nice,” but the fantasies the characters do have are decidedly risqué.

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