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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Skype Sex for Dummies" - my latest sex column

My latest sex column for SexIs Magazine is called "Skype Sex for Dummies." That is probably the last sexytime for me til I turn 36 in November - going on a sex/dating fast, for real this time. Maybe I'll write about it, but first, a bazillion deadlines are hammering at me. I can feel the pressure tightening up my shoulders. Anyway, next column is on jealousy. After that, who knows? Happy to have the new computer, hustling for writing gigs to prove that I deserved to buy it, if only to myself. Aside from my 3 readings - at The Cove, Bluestockings and McNally Jackson on the 12th, 14th and 17th, respectively (all details in my latest newsletter - sign up for it in your inbox on left-hand side at, I'm mostly taking this and probably next month "off." As best I can. I need a break from people. So no offense, it's really not personal, I just need some special solo time with my laptop and my thoughts and my soon-to-be-organized-ish apartment. I think I can safely say you probably wouldn't want to be around me in these next few weeks anyway. I am happy to finally embrace my inner loner and really give myself the time I need to try. Maybe I'll fail, but maybe I'll actually get through some of the pieces I've been wanting to write and not feel so under the gun all the time. It's a terrible, paralyzing, awful feeling, at least, for me. If I didn't have any ideas in my head, I'd be fine with skipping along through life, but I do, and when they wind up as nothing more than to do list items is when I see how much time I waste. Been thinking that New York is not really the right fit for me, especially if I want to lay low and not go out. NYC is many things, but not really the place for a homebody. I don't have any other candidates in mind, nor cash reserves to make that a reality any time probably before 2013, but it's rattling around in my head as a little fantasy. Maybe I'll manage a weekend away and come back loving NYC again, or maybe I've just grown up and outgrown it. Time will tell.

I will be hosting some readings on March 26th at the Rainbow Book Fair and will have news soon, I hope, about another project that weekend that you aspiring erotica writers might be interested in. For now, though, head, meet grindstone. Not complaining, just doing what I should've been doing for, oh, the last decade. Speaking of which, it pains me to have to turn down a panel at NYU's Bobst Library - how many hours did I spend in there? Okay, not that many cause I was in the law library, but still. Alas, I got asked to do something the weekend I'll be in Seattle for the Rock 'N Roll Marathon. And I know I should literally not give it a second thought, because I already have a commitment, but there is a part of me, the crazy part, that thought, "Well, maybe I should cancel that trip..." I know, ludicrous. Hopefully I'll get asked next year, and if not, so be it. I'm figuring out that there are many opportunities that might come one's way and that you don't actually have to say yes to all of them. Fancy that.

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