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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sex at the movies: Twanna Hines and I review Orgasm Inc.

Even though she didn't believe me that Quad Cinema, one of NYC's independent movie theaters, existed (really), Twanna Hines and I finally made it over to 13th Street to check out Liz Canner's documentary Orgasmic, Inc.. We did a relatively short review below, and you can see Tracy Quan's interesting take on it at MyDaily. You can also follow @Orgasm_Inc on Twitter and like the film on Facebook. Apologies for being so slow to get this posted; let's blame it on technical difficulties.

I definitely encourage you to see it; if anything, it will make you look at the pharmaceutical industry with a bit more skepticism (if you don't already), and the idea of what women "should" be doing when it comes to orgasms is something I will be exploring in a future SexIs Magazine column, both related to this film and in general, because in my personal experience there is a lot of pressure on women (okay, me) to have orgasms in ways that feel unrelated to my personal pleasure, and in fact impede that pleasure by putting so much focus on it, but that's another discussion.

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