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Monday, February 21, 2011

I Stand with Planned Parenthood Blog Carnival Friday, February 25th

I'm participating in the I Stand with Planned Parenthood Blog Carnival on Friday, how about you? For more information on Planned Parenthood, visit their website and sign this petition. You can donate here.

I'll be writing something new for Friday, about my own encounters with Planned Parenthood, pregnancy scares and Plan B, as well as about the wanted and unwanted pregnancies of people I've been close with, but for now, a blast from the past.

Five years ago I wrote a Village Voice column called "I'm Pro-Choice and I Fuck," which read in part:

One needn't look far to confirm Page's argument that sexual freedom and reproductive rights are intimately entwined. In the eyes of the pro-life movement women are designed for making babies, and men's pesky sex drives are something to be suffered or used to procreate. According to, "Abortion enables the woman to become a reusable sex object without any idea of fidelity, and it gets the father out of having to pay for child support." Someone recently posted to a Pro-Life America website, "There is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy. Pregnancy is the outcome of sex and is the sole purpose of sex. Sex is not a game and is not for pleasure only. If it were . . . then pregnancy would not be an outcome." Even the group Feminists for Life (feministsforlife .com) points to women as the kinder, gentler, less horny gender: "No one can deny that women have always had a higher biological investment in sexual union; abortion seeks to undo that tie. Is the ideal a world wherein sex can be (and often will be) commitment-free?" While Page's title is deliberately provocative, wading into the minds of those who consider women baby-making vessels is more disturbing. To hear them tell it, we're off having careless sex 24-7, then blithely aborting. Anyone who's sweated out a pregnancy test knows nothing could be farther from the truth. Says Page, "There's a pro-life war against Americans' sex lives and the pro-choice movement is a relief agency. We're the levee that keeps this wave of fundamentalism from washing over the American public."

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