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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8 ways to buy Fast Girls: Erotica for Women

There are really more than 8 because at
IndieBound you can search for your local bookstore, and I encourage you to shop locally. But I want to offer you all the options because, well, because.

You can also get a free Fast Girls postcard by writing to me at fastgirlsantho at and asking for one (put "postcard" in the subject line and give me your mailing address).

Read the introduction at the official Fast Girls site.

We also got the Orgasmic postcards in, only without writing on the back - if you want one of these, same deal, just write to orgasmicantho at (I know, I'm a woman of many email addresses, but it helps me keep track of things).

And Amazon is really one place, but it's a separate link for the paperback or the Kindle edition. (I got the idea to use not just text but online bookstore logos from romance author Louisa Edwards, promoting her upcoming novel Just One Taste.)

Kindle edition

Barnes & Noble





publisher Cleis Press

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