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Monday, March 15, 2010

If I'm gonna be the poster girl for sluts, I want credit, damnit!

I have no idea who made me famous on PostRejects, but I did want to point out that the photo (in its original form below) is by Stacie Joy and was taken at the video shoot for the Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories book trailer shoot. The video is below. We're shooting book trailers for Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission (the book with the crazy hot book cover that I'm getting postcards and (a first for me) buttons for and will be giving away at Book Expo America!) and Fast Girls: Erotica for Women.

We're at over 90,000 views on the trailer, woo-hoo! I get my next royalty statement next month so I'll see how it's doing, I think pretty well. It's always a crapshoot (for instance, nobody's bought Rubber Sex) but I try to learn what works and what doesn't. I have a great feeling about all the books coming out this know, all 9 of them. And this will be the year I learn to stop trying to publish so much and start working smarter, not just more, and focus in so I'm not thought of as the girl who will "write for everyone." A friend said that recently and she's right. I've written for free or cheap, to my detriment, and I need to learn to harness and focus that energy. Baby steps, baby steps. I'll still invest in myself with postcards and videos because, maybe it's just in my head, but I do think it's building toward something bigger, toward something so that someday I bring in the money I deserve from these books.

photo by Stacie Joy

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