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Thursday, April 09, 2009

What you can win at Virgin Night at In The Flesh April 16th

That's in one week!

So many goodies and giveaways next Thursday at Virgin Night at In The Flesh Reading Series!

JimmyJane New AFTERGLOW Massage Candles

From luxury sex toy seller JimmyJane, you can win one of their beautiful massage candles. Here's how they describe it:

Natural Massage Candles
With Body Brush

Light AFTERGLOW and use it as a candle, then blow it out, dip the Body Brush in the warm oil, and paint it on the skin. When heated, the candle liquefies into high-slip massage oil that softens and hydrates the skin. Our proprietary blend of spa-grade ingredients provides silky sensation at the perfect temperature. More than a candle, it’s a massage. Burns up to 42 hours, every one of them memorable.

JimmyJane New AFTERGLOW Massage Candles

I also love that JimmyJane founder Ethan Imboden writes about vibrators and sex on Huffington Post.

And from the word game SexySlang (formerly PervArtistry, which you may have heard of), you can win one of 3 games!

Here's some of the cards that came with it - see if you can figure out what these symbolize!

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