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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Should I buy a Kindle?

I will post about my Minneapolis trip more over the weekend; quickie version - had a fabulous time, ate tons of cupcakes, a Jucy Lucy cheeseburger, hung out with some very amazing people, visited Mall of America, and missed my 5th flight of 2008 and had to sleep for a bit at the airport (if you are going to sleep at an airport, MSP was actually very comfy - go upstairs, and you will likely find fellow stranded passgenders).

Right now, I am insanely behind on many deadlines and have an annoying, persistent headache, which has made for, oh, a wee bit of stress (and by wee bit of stress, I mean, I'm pretty fried).

Anyway, I am thinking of buying a Kindle, mainly because some of my books are available in Kindle editions. It's not like I just have an extra $400 lying around, might be worth it. I'd like to see how they look and try to market to Kindle and other e-reader users, if I can (haven't got that far in my brainstorming yet). Any ideas?

I mean, I could be reading this: (and there's actually a great chapter in Dagmar Herzog's Sex in Crisis about Every Man's Battle and Christian sex ed)

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At August 15, 2008, Blogger Heidi Champa said...

I want one so bad too, but I just can't afford it. Too bad. It would be fun to read smut off of!

At November 13, 2008, Blogger intoverflow said...

Don't know if you're still thinking about getting a Kindle.

I have one. The e-ink screen really is different, and feels different from a computer screen to read on. Better, more like paper. I'm both a gadget geek and really like paper; reading through a couple books on a Kindle is what convinced me that maybe e-books aren't a horrible idea.

I wouldn't choose it over paper for home reading, but it's great as a travel companion.

Since it's all about the quality of the experience, you should really try it out yourself. But $400 is a lot. Perhaps you could borrow one from somebody, leaving an e-book or two on it as a thank-you.


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