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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Boob cookies

Sorry I have no time for blogging (or creative post titling) lately. That's just, uh, the way it is. But here are some links, and I am throwing a PARTY on Thursday where there will be BOOB cake from Moist and Tasty, who also made the boob cookies above. At Sutra Lounge, 16 First Avenue off First Street, Thursday, April 10, 7-9, FREE, 21+. And for those in/coming to Atlanta, come see a bunch of us talk at Sex 2.0.

The Hot Movies for Her 20 Questions interview - sounds easy, was actually kinda challenging

Joanna Angel interview at Heeb

The Village Voice hired Audacia Ray to edit their new sex blog Naked City - I believe they used to have another sex-related site - Gothamunderground? Gothamuncovered? I don't know if they still do, but I used to get a teeny bit of extra cash for my column. Anyway, check out her stuff, she's gonna be doing video blogging and all sorts of sexy goodness.

I am not really a Valleywag reader, not being anything of a techie, but two people I adore are writing for them and doing some really great stuff:

Melissa Gira, who write things like "How to blog about your sex life and not wind up on Valleywag" and "How to get laid using Twitter"

Jackson West, most of whose posts are a bit geekily over my head but I liked this one: "Assemblyman Charles Calderon wants to tax your Internet porn"

The Huffington Post is all about the non-monogamy (and you can hear Suzanne Portnoy in person next Thursday at In The Flesh):

Suzanne Portnoy: "Less Monogamy, More Fun"

Jenny Block on Huffington Post (her book Open is out June first, see her site for details)

Speaking of Seal Press, there's an interview with my Dirty Girls editor Brooke Warner at WOW! Women on Writing.

What I think is interesting is that of the 22 titles on her recent list, she said they have "two feminist titles." It's interesting wording to me because it goes back to something I've been thinking about with Dirty Girls and generally, being, what is feminism? Because Seal is indeed publishing books like Rebecca Woolf's Rockabye by women who ardently don't identify as feminists. But I do think if feminism is going to be relevant to a large number of people, we can't only think of things that are "officially" feminist as "feminist," if that makes sense. I love the books Seal puts out and am eagerly reading many of them, and I don't think Brooke necessarily meant that the rest of the list isn't feminist, but that's sortof how it came out.

You can also check out this Mediabistro interview I did with Brooke in 2006.


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Great post! Love those cookies! ;-)


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