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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm teaching Erotica 101 at MOMENTUMCON

In addition to my SXSW Interactive panel in March 2012, at the end of the month I'm doing something I rarely do these days: teaching Erotica 101, at MOMENTUMCON, the conference that last year featured Susie Bright, Tristan Taormino, Jenny Block, Twanna A. Hines (who's back this year) and tons of other amazing people working in various arenas of the world of sexuality, and this year has an amazing, amazing lineup. I'm extremely impressed and honored to be part of it. I always tailor my erotic writing workshops to my environment, so expect a few feminist erotica exercises in the mix, and I especially enjoy getting anthology submissions from people who've taken my classes (that's where Megan Butcher's story in Best Bondage Erotica 2011 had its genesis).

I'm interested in everything being offered, but especially this, because I need to learn more:

Blogging 202: Take Your Site to the Next Level
Dangerous Lilly & AAG

Are you working with a small, free blog on Blogger or WordPress and are ready to take your site to the next level? Attend this hands-on training to learn how to use your site to make a bigger statement with a focus on better accessibility for readers and greater appeal to potential advertisers. Topics covered include:

* Do’s and don’ts of design, layout and content
* Dealing with paid advertising
* Making the switch to a self-hosted platform
* What to expect in terms of effort and cost
* Maintaining professional and engaging interactions with peers, readers and advertisers

Join long-time veteran bloggers Lilly ( and AAG ( for a session that will give your site a boost.

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